In the city of Roost, an unknown enemy is corrupting its Glow citizens. Glow eyes and plumage are turning a sickening colour as they head for the skies to fulfil a dark bidding and spread Disbelief throughout the floating island Nests.

OVERISLES is the direct sequel to INSPIRISLES and the 2nd RPG in a trilogy promoting Deaf awareness and sign language. As with the core game, we're still focused on storytelling and empathy with an emphasis on cooperation.

  • Play as teens gifted extraordinary powers. 

  • Meet famous characters and fearsome creatures from Celtic folklore. 

  • Work together to prevent the destruction of a kingdom. 

  • Learn British and American sign language as you ride giant birds, wield the elements, solve puzzles and battle mythological monsters.
























This project came about after running my teen Dungeons & Dragons group Hatchlings for over a year. I wanted to create something for them, something they could have a hand in building, and something I could take beyond the group to use in schools and communities as an educational tool. Inspirisles is the result of this: a game for all ages that reflects my interest in mythology and my ongoing work with the Deaf community.


With Inspirisles, we are especially encouraging parents, educators and tabletop beginners to invest in our game. Many of us have fond memories of 80s fantasy classics such as The NeverEnding Story & Labyrinth. Inspirisles aims to capture some of that nostalgic magic and transport its older participants back to a more carefree and imaginative time. 



























Inspirisles features a unique system we have called Shaping. It allows participants to engage with Deaf culture and learn sign language (ASL and BSL included). It also forms the dice mechanic at the heart of the game, where our Pendragons will wield the elements to fight Disbelief (our negative force) and prevent sacred Nimbus eggs from being stolen.

Inspirisles encourages teamwork at every turn. Only by Shaping can the party overcome the tests of our game. Belief Barriers are non-combative tests where our Pendragons must think up ways their elements can solve puzzles. Disbelief Battles are combative tests, where our Pendragons must pit their elements against a dangerous opponent.  


For the most fun, we recommend running the game with five players. One player volunteers to be the Grail Guide (GG), whilst the others form a party of Pendragons. It’s the Guide’s role to describe the Islands, plan the Questing Days (adventures) and give voice to the many characters and creatures the Pendragons will meet. We recommend the role to an adult or confident storyteller.


Sessions typically run 2-3 hours and can feature anything from a series of intense battles to a relaxing afternoon of downtime.


Beyond Shaping, Inspirisles offers everything enthusiasts have come to expect from a modern TTRPG. Alongside the natural benefits of roleplaying, we have wholesome character creation, a simple but engaging 3d6 rolling mechanic, an intuitive guide for planning and running sessions, exhaustive story prompts, robust safety tools and disability inclusion throughout.








The Glow are one of the kingdom's eight ruling fae known to us humans as Friends. Usually such a peace-loving species, recently they have undergone changes, their eyes and feathers discolouring and their behaviour becoming erratic. Many are now heading skywards and collaborating with greedy wyrms to steal and hoard Nimbus eggs... But why?


This is where you come in! 

Playing the descendents of legendary rulers Arthur and Guinevere, as a Pendragon you have been tasked with investigating this mystery and bringing an end to the corruption of the Glow. Where INSPIRISLES had you collecting Belief to heal the World Tree, this time around you must prevent the Nests from sinking by protecting the Nimbus eggs from theft and halting the spread of Disbelief, our world's negative energy.

The Nests are an archipelago of islands floating high above the fae kingdom. Each island is home to communities of Glow and the sacred Nimbus, a type of bird thought to bring luck and prosperity to all. With the emergence of corrupted Glow and thieving wyrms, the Nimbus mother has been driven from her Nest, leaving only her fledglings to protect the precious eggs.


















Find over 150 pages, including...

  • A history of the Nests and their inhabitants. 

  • Pendragon character creation.

  • Sign language tutorials, including Deaf awareness tips and additional material to expand on the fundamentals learned in INSPIRISLES.

  • A fun 3d6 dice rolling system.

  • How to run sessions as the Grail Guide and plan Questing Days using storytelling archetypes.

  • Over 20 hex maps featuring a host of Belief Barriers and Disbelief Battles.

  • Stunning full-colour illustrations from cover to cover, featuring dozens of diverse characters by Lucille Nual and a myriad of creatures, locations and intricate knot art by Josh Somerville.

  • Dyslexia friendly fonts throughout. 

  • Sensitivity reading and safety tools, including a consent questionnaire, reflection mechanic and X card.

  • Full colour or B&W versions of the Pendragon sheet, and sign language material by Ashley Grace for both American and British players.


Inspirisles will launch with video tutorials covering all material for ASL and BSL. They have been lovingly produced by our Deaf colleagues Rajnie Kaur and Katy White.


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